Video Marketing

9 YouTube Video Marketing Statistics in 2019

Nowadays there exist a lot of new modern approaches to run business. The most exciting and useful of them is business animation. This approach includes creating different animated videos which are mostly presented on YouTube.

If you deal with marketing, it may be interesting for you to know the current YouTube marketing statistics. Keep on reading, and you will reveal a lot of useful information.

Most Popular Types of Videos for Marketing

It is well known that there exists a great variety of video types on YouTube. Before starting to create your marketing video, it is essential to choose one particular model.

YouTube search statistics show that the most popular are informative videos. In such videos people try to explain everything, concerning their products, deadlines and services they provide. As a rule, these videos are rather short not to bother the watchers.

Another popular type of videos, according to YouTube video statistics, are videos which are made in the format of tutorials, blogs, video interviews and presentations. With the help of these videos, you will succeed in marketing, as they are considered to be on top nowadays. In your video blog, you may show the unpacking of various products, review them and give some useful recommendations to your subscribers.

Interesting Video Statistics in YouTube

1.    In 2019, most people prefer to watch online videos on their smartphones or computers than watching TV.  

2.    40% of men all over the world spend more time surfing the Internet and watching videos than women.

3.    The demand for business videos has continuously increased in the last two years. The YouTube statistics of videos show that 54% of all Internet watchers want to find more videos, concerning their favorite products and brands.

4.    Nowadays 87% of successful marketers create various videos to promote their business.

5.    73 % of Internet users like to watch marketing videos on social media. It may be Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

6.    Video marketing is a profitable type of activity. More than one million videos are watched every day all over the world.

7.     72% of people like to get to know some educative information watching videos. It means that videos for marketing have to contain both exciting text and video.

8.    YouTube is the most common and profitable platform for posting videos. According to the YouTube video statistics, more than 1.5 billion people use it every month. People watch more than 1 billion hours of different videos per day all over the world.

9.    44% of people use YouTube for their personal affairs and 56% – for business.

The most profitable way to market your business is making videos. Take into account the YouTube video statistics to become a successful marketer.