Horn Helmets

Historical Facts About the Vikings Horn Helmets

Vikings are known in the whole world not only because of their fighting practices but also the jewelry skills. They liked to make different ornamentations. But the thing is that all decorations played the role of amulets. It is believed that such talismans possessed magical properties. It had the possibility to protect the warrior in the battle and even save form death. Every decoration had some special meaning. This opinion is also popular today. People buy Vikings different jewelry starting form necklace for women and men and ending with pendants.

If anyone ever asks to describe the appearance of a Viking, you will surely imagine a big, dirty, half-naked blond, with an ex and a horned helmet. In fact, most people’s views of Vikings are not entirely accurate. First of all, they were not large and dirty. Secondly, the warriors did not wear helmets with horns. Thirdly the ex was not their main weapon.

Did Vikings have horns on their helmets?

In fact, there is no reason to believe that the Vikings wore horned helmets. Of course, the helmet with horns looks very impressive, but from a practical point of view, it is useless. The main task of the helmet is to protect the head during the fight. A sword can slide on a simple round helmet, but a helmet with horns, on the contrary, will take a blow upon itself.  For this reason, any protruding parts were undesirable. So Vikings horned helmet is a widely spread myth.

What is the Viking helmet history?

The horned helmet is perhaps the most common myth of the Vikings, which appeared in the XIX century. One of the Scandinavian artists decided to add horns to Viking helmets in order to make them more awesome. Since then, the portray of warriors in horned helmets had become popular. According to some assumptions, the artist could adopt this image from the ancient Greeks and Romans, who sometimes depicted warriors of Northern Europe with feathers and horns on their helmets.

In the twentieth century Vikings horn helmets fell into mass culture. They can be seen in cinema, cartoons, and comics. There are a lot of facts which deny the existence of such helmets. Despite this, it still can be depicted on the covers of historical books, documentaries, and feature films. So there are no horned helmets among the finds of the Viking Age.

Such type of helmets was used in Greek during some rituals. But in general, they were very rarely used on the battlefield. But despite this, many interesting specimens belonging to rich and famous personalities can be found in museums around the world. By the way, historians are convinced that Vikings wear protective helmets made of some types of leather or iron without horns, or just went to battle without them.