Templar Knight

How to Become a Templar Knight?

First of all, it is necessary to mention that the Templar knights were the bravest, the honest and the most desperate characters of the middle ages. Nowadays there are a lot of fans of the brave knights. They all desire to become the real knights and join Knights Templar. To do that they need to have an individual knights armor, including a Knights Templar patch, which is an internal part of a traditional knights Templar image.

As the medieval knights were really popular and well recognizable around the world, a lot of people want to look like they and even to become the Knights Templar. So, how to join the Knights Templar? Keep on reading to find an answer and to get to know more interesting information about the ancient knights which is worth knowing.

How to Become a Templar Knight?

To begin with, it is necessary to know who the Knights Templar were. It is commonly known that they were members of the famous order of the Knights Templar. Moreover, the history of this order, which is well known all over the world, is unique and exciting. It would be interesting to know that the Order of the Knights Templar was officially recognized by the Pope and the Roman Catholic church just in the 12 century. Although, actually it was created long before that. Is it possible to become a Templar knight today? How long does it take to become a knight templar? So, let us find the answers.

According to various researches and social polls, thousands of people around the world dream to join the Knights Templar. It is well known that today there exists a special religious movement called Templarism. It can be distinguished as Masonic and non-Masonic. Both ways are rather popular and widespread nowadays. In addition, the Masonic branch of Templarism provides the usage of the Knights Templar symbols and study of their ideas and history of the order in general.

The York Rite Masons are the most numerous representatives of the Masonic Templarism. By the way, mostly they live in English speaking countries. Besides, there are also The Scottish Rite Masons who create another critical group of the Masonic Templarism.

Anyway, it is a  decision to become the Knights Templar and to restore the power and magnificence of these strong personalities. However, you should understand that it is a rather long and challenging way to get the Knight Templar degree. It is necessary to respect the traditions of the Knights Templar, to know the rich history and details of their armors and weapons.


It is possible to become a real knight Templar. You should know the history of the order, honor the traditions and philosophy of these medieval characters and be a persistent person.